Our Toddlers Program & Early Learners (18 mos - 36 mos)

Bright Harbor Academy follows the Arkansas Minimum Licensing Standard being no more than one teacher per 8 children with a maximum capacity of 16 children. This is a crucial age of transition and we dedicate ourselves to working with you through the development of walking, talking, eating at the tables and potty training.


Our Toddler Program Features:

Creations and Innovations

Our staff will use the nationally accredited curriculum and interact with hands on learning activities to enable your child to build and construct a world of their own imagination and education. This is a crucial time in your child's life as their brain is fully developed by the age of three so at Bright Harbor we take advantage of these years to ensure your child has experienced and learned as many different social emotional, educational, language development and physical experiences as possible.

Eco Exploring

Our toddlers will spend time inside and outside learning their curriculum in a variety of environments and settings. At Bright Harbor, we believe that anything your child can learn inside can also be learned outside. Through our natural playground and interactive learning walls in the outdoor play area, your toddlers will be able to do just that!

Let's Pretend!

Bright Harbor fosters curiosity and imagination that is so important to this age to become independent and confident. Through our accredited curriculum, our staff makes story time, personal interactions, group learning, center rotations, imaginary play and other innovative ideas tailored to your toddlers individual educational needs.

Much More!

Bright Harbor believes in creating a schedule for your toddler to follow everyday so that they know what to expect in their day and have that security and comfort for personal security. Our staff desires to connect and bond with your child and your family to create the highest quality educational environment that will have your toddler wanting to come to school.

We Are Now Pre-enrolling! 6 Weeks to 12 Yrs Old

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