Our Preschool & Pre-K Programs (2 1/2 - 5 yrs)

Bright Harbor Academy follows the Arkansas Minimum Licensing Standards for student to teacher ratio. For students 2.5 to 3 years of age there is one teacher per 12 students with a maximum of 24 students in the classroom. For students at the age of 4 there is one teacher per every 15 students with a maximum of 30 students per classroom. At Bright Harbor, we provide extra staffing to accommodate the needs of the classroom and to never allow the teacher to not have what they need to be successful in their daily teaching needs. We are dedicated first and foremost to the safety and well being of every child in our facility.


Our Preschool and Pre-K Programs Features:

Accredited Curriculum

Used throughout our facility, your child will continue to experience hands on, innovative education through the use of our nationally accredited curriculum. Bright Harbor believes that our curriculum is the best for your child's needs in that it successfully meets and enables children to learn through all different learning styles. We want your child to want to come to school to learn and we intend to partner with you in helping that to happen through active and engaging curriculum.

Experienced Staff

Our staff are professionally trained and have continuing education courses specifically related to preschool instruction and care management. We invite you in to talk with our instructors and get to know them - we think you'll see the difference in a Bright Harbor staff member and the emphasis we put on quality education and care.

The Best Technology

Add sentence at end: Your child will get to spend one-on-one as well as group instruction time learning basic keyboarding and typing skills as well as how to properly use and operate a computer. We also include interactive learning games on the computer that can be played with a partner or independently to increase educational growth in a fun way.

We Are Now Pre-enrolling! 6 Weeks to 12 Yrs Old

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