Our Infant Program (birth - 18 mos.)

Bright Harbor follows the Arkansas Minimum Licensing Standards being no more than one teacher per 5 children with a maximum capacity of 10 students per classroom. Our infant program is designed to grow with your child as they transition through learning with our curriculum. Our staff will focus with your infant on discovery and exploration by engaging infants in experiences that positively build brain connections both individually and group settings. Our staff will love and care for your infant through: play, talking, moving, singing, reading and teaching sign language for their basic daily care communication needs. We recognize that infants require full attention and care and Bright Harbor promises to provide your family and infant that care by ensuring our teachers have all that they need to be successful in their work environment.

the program engages and stimulates infants through social interactions: talking, playing, moving, singing, reading, and signing. Activities are integrated across all domains of infant development – physical, emotional, social, and intellectual – and develop a wide variety of skills, including: Bright Baby


Our Infants Program Topics Include:

I Can!

Your infant will discover all the new things that he/she can do while developing listening, language, self-concept and other important fine and gross motor skills with the help of our staff.

I Explore!

Through partnership with our families, our staff encourages our infants to have the most diverse learning experiences by engaging and experiencing learning through the senses. Our curriculum enables our infants to be exposed to all different environments and learning through play creating those initial memories of learning.

Babies Like Me!

Our staff will help your infant discover and grow in their fine and gross motor development skills by play. Our staff will work with your infant in a one-on-one settings as well as group settings to work on tummy time, sitting up, bottle holding, facial recognition and other infant milestones in development.

Much More!

Bright Harbor desires for your infant to explore their new world through books, songs, art projects, colors and shape discovery with all senses in a safe nurturing environment. Bright Harbor prides ourselves in building that unique bond with your infant so they feel safe at an early age and securing the relationship with our families to grow with your child together.

We Are Now Pre-enrolling! 6 Weeks to 12 Yrs Old

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