Our Facility

Our Facility

Bright Harbor Academy believes in face to face communication with you in regards to all of your child's needs, not just educational. We want to create a partnership of trust while taking care of your child and work daily to bond that connection.


Just a few of the Facility Features:

Indoor Activities

A big part of learning at any age is through the development of fine and gross motor skills. Our interactive rock climbing wall, basketball goal and indoor field areas allow for a wide range of creative physical activities.


Our media center is for toddler through school age children and is equipped with interactive educational technology including Smart Board capabilities. With teacher guided activities, the Smart Board technology allows your child to experience adventures, cultures and experiences from around the world. Such as: live feeding from a zoo in real time, experiencing life in other cultures, google earth and so much more that your child can interact with. We also use Wii interactive Educational learning games that are powered by movement and active bodies so that your child is not sitting and having "Screen Time". In addition, our literature center includes an amazing library as well as a listening center appropriate for all ages. We also have computer stations and a Wii Interactive Educational Learning Games powered by movement


Bright Harbor uses cutting edge, motion activated, digital recording systems with 32 cameras placed indoor and outdoor for security. We also use personalized access code for main door entry as well as indoor entry throughout the facility. All camera security footage is secured internally in the facility and cannot be accessed online for student and family confidentiality and protection.

Taking it Outside

Bright Harbor again believes that you can learn anything outside that can be taught inside. Through our one of a kind constructed natural playground, we have designed outdoor learning to be interactive and educational allowing the children to be the leaders of their learning. Each age group will have the ability to create and grow their own gardens with fruits, vegetables and flowers that will educate them first hand on the interactions and responsibility of nature. Our playgrounds are uniquely interactive and allow students to grow naturally and develop their skills physically, emotionally and cognitively without the restriction of being seated at a table.

Just a Little More...

Peanut Free Facility
Nationally Recognized Curriculum at every age and development
Management member always on site and at front desk
Homework room dedicated to After School
Provide Bus Service from Select Local Elementary Schools
Monthly Parents Night Out
Yearly Picture Day
Exclusive Rotation Concept to maximize PreK Curriculum Learning
Exclusive Compass Learners Tutoring Program

We Are Now Pre-enrolling! 6 Weeks to 12 Yrs Old

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